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RTE’s Failte Towers is looking for a romantic

July 5, 2008

Are you planning a unique marriage proposal for your unsuspecting partner? You could have a chance to come and stay at Failte Towers, be waited on hand and foot by celebrities and with their help, plan the surprise of her life. Failte Towers is RTE’s new reality entertainment series of the summer, where twelve celebrities […]

I got married

July 2, 2008

Yes indeed I got married, over 2 months ago now, so between everything I’ve kind of neglected this for a while. But I’m back and plan to update, add to and do all sorts of stuff with my blog and dish out loads of free advice on all things wedding and marriage proposal related. have […]

RTE’s Failte Towers looking for someone to propose

July 2, 2008

A new reality show called Failte Towers on RTE is starting in August. Basically 12 celebrities will run the hotel for 2 weeks without the help of any other staff. Debbie from Adare Productions, the company behind the project contacted me recently to know if I had knowledge of anyone planning to propose marriage in […]