New app reveals just how well you know your partner (so you’d better be good)

Try the newly launched For Better or Worse app to find out just how well you know your partner; be careful though, as your answers could lead to a night of passion … or daggers at dawn!

Live at  the new app asks questions such as: Where was your first date? Where did you have your first kiss? What is your favourite restaurant?  What colour are your eyes?

When you have answered the questions yourself, invite your partner to answer the same questions about you in order to compare results.  If you want, you can share your results on Facebook.

There is a list of 40 questions to choose from so you can also share this quiz with your siblings or best friends.


The fun new app comes from the mediation department at law firm Osbornes Solicitors.  Partner Julian Beard said:  “The app offers couples, families and friends a light hearted quiz to test how well they know one other.  You simply send your answers to them and wait for their reply – for better or worse.”


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