One4all Valentine’s Day Survey Reveals That When It Comes To Matters Of The Heart – Irish Are More Renaissance Than Romantic

  • ‘Snookums’ voted Ireland’s most cringe-worthy pet name
  • ·         Underwear is the most popular new garment purchase for the day
  • ·         Over half will spend between €1 – €50 on a Valentine’s gift
  • ·         37.1% of survey respondents would most like to receive a gift card on Valentine’s Day
  • ·         Household goods would be the worst present imaginable for 49.1% of participants
  • ·         Almost 40% will stay at home with their loved ones this Valentine’s Day
  • ·         Almost 20% of Irish men and women have received a V-Day card from their parents!


On Valentine’s Day the air turns pink and sweetly scented and cupids bow strikes the hearts of passers-by making them fall madly in love – or so the traditional card companies would have us think! This February 14th, One4all, the seriously smart gift card company, have taken to the polls and asked over 2,500 people in Ireland how they really feel about Valentine’. The results explore cringe-worthy pet names, why chocolates aren’t always best and who should be spending the most this Valentine’s Day!


Lovers not Stalkers:

We’re a nation of old romantics at heart and it seems that when we mate we mate for life! 85% of survey participants admitted to being either in a relationship, married or on the dating scene. Only 16.6% of our respondents considered themselves single, but not ones to mope or wallow alone on the romantic occasion, the majority of Irish singletons said that they will hit the town with friends on February 14th (16.1%) as opposed to looking for love on an online dating site (1.1%) or cyber-stalking an ex-partner or current crush (0.9%). Perhaps friendship is the best relationship to be in!


Unrequited Love:

Although the cinemas are filled with soppy love stories and tales of long lost loves, it seems that those of us in relationships will be staying far away from the pictures on Valentine’s Day! Whilst less than 5% said they would opt for a cinema date, Almost 40% of respondents are planning to create their own love story by preparing a romantic meal for their partner at home. The old saying declaring food is the way to a man’s heart, may be pointing in the right direction.



Short Changed:

When it comes to spending money, over half of our survey respondents (51.6%) admitted that they won’t be spending big bucks this year and that between €1 and €50 was the ideal amount to spend on a partner for Valentine’s Day. And while most believe that gift giving should be equal between partners (55.9%), close to 30% still believe that men should be spending more than their partners and taking the larger share in the gifting. It’s not all bad news for the men though, more than 2/3rd’s of survey participants said that they would prefer to have a night out than receive a gift so that night on the town can be mutually beneficial!


Lucky Pants:

When asked whether they would buy something new to wear especially on Valentine’s Day, survey respondents answered with a resounding no (82.6%). However, of those who were considering a new purchase, new underwear was the garment of choice for the majority of men and women (10.8%).


Don’t Call Me Baby:

Ireland’s cutest couples have come out of the woodwork and admitted that more than half (52.6%) have given each other pet names. Whilst ‘Babe’ (33.3%), ‘Honey’ (26.1%) and ‘Sexy’ (14%) are proven to be the most popular terms of endearment, ‘Snookums’ has been voted Irelands’ most offensive pet name, stealing 34.2% of the vote. Although earlier proven to be a nation of food lovers, other unpopular pet names amongst Irish participants include the food related ‘Baby Cakes’, ‘Sugar Lips’ and ‘Sweet cheeks’.


Secret Admirer:

Are the Irish really the shy and retiring type? 51.4% of survey participants have been sent a card from a secret admirer and over a third were the ones sending the cards. 52.5% of Irish people would choose to send an anonymous romantic card or gift to their celebrity crush but over 30% would choose a colleague as the recipient of their secret affections. Love really does blossom at the photocopying machine! In slightly more shameful news however, almost 20% of survey respondents admitted that they’ve received Valentine’s Day cards from their Mum and Dad!


Hint Hint:

When asked whether they would state clearly their desired Valentine’s Day present or wait for a surprise, almost 3/4 ‘s of survey respondents said they would say nothing and wait patiently for what they were given. This has proven both good and bad for some!


When asked about the best and worst presents they have ever received, one unfortunate respondent said the best present they ever got was “just a simple pot of yogurt, it was the thought that counted and it was my favourite one!” and another said “ I received a Joker bobble head”. More romantic answers included a Gucci watch, an Ireland Rugby jersey and a weekend away to Spain.


Of the less appealing gifts received for Valentine’s Day, some of the worst included a Wok, an electric mixer and chocolates long past their expiry date!


It’s no surprise so that our survey respondents rated household goods (49.1%) and petrol shop flowers (24%) as the presents they would least like to receive whilst dinner and drinks (31.3%) and a gift card to spend in a store of their choosing (37.1%)  proved the most desirable  of all!


One4all Gift Cards

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* This survey was conducted by One4all on over 2,500 respondents.

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