Wedding dance

Theres a massive generational gap when it comes to dancing at weddings. Our parents and aunts and uncles etc. have all been brought up going to, well, ‘Dances’. Whereas us younger folk  shake our booty or whatever to the latest strains of pop music. When it then comes to dancing at weddings the non dancers can be seen either propping up the bar or out on the dancefloor jogging on the spot without moving their feet and arms all over the place.

 Dance classes are now wider available and becoming increasingly popular. In fact I even attended one myself. I would have thought of myself as being sort of able to waltz and jive at most of the weddings I’ve been to in Ireland. But in hindsight I was just shuffling around the floor trying not to step on toes. After a number of weeks under the tutelage of Bridget Harte I now realise how little I knew and how bad I was at dancing. Now I just have to try and practise what I learned!

I uploaded some dance lesson videos to today  for anyone who wants to learn in the privacy of their own home. Its really not that hard, there are a few basic steps which you repeat over and over and as you gain in confidence you can throw in a few other moves as well.

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