RTE’s Failte Towers is looking for a romantic

July 5, 2008 by derryo

Are you planning a unique marriage proposal for your unsuspecting partner? You could have a chance to come and stay at Failte Towers, be waited on hand and foot by celebrities and with their help, plan the surprise of her life.

Failte Towers is RTE’s new reality entertainment series of the summer, where twelve celebrities will run Ireland’s only twelve star hotel for two whole weeks. With no back up staff to help, the celebs will be doing everything from changing the bed sheets, to serving paying customers in the bar and restaurant

Picture the scene. You have just finished a scrumptuous meal served and cooked by somebody famous. Somebody famous clears away your empty plates while another famous person tops up your wine. You drop to one knee declaring your undying love while presenting a beautiful diamond engagement ring to your partner. t’s certainly not for the faint hearted, but can you just imagine it! What a tale to tell your grandchildren!

To assist you in your task, we are offering a €500 voucher for a diamond engagement ring from Precious Jewellers in Dublin

Give your proposal a celebrity touch, call Debbie at Adare Productions on 01 2843877 and tell her Derry O Donnell from www.willyoumarryme.ie sent you.

Read more on the RTE website

I got married

July 2, 2008 by derryo

Yes indeed I got married, over 2 months ago now, so between everything I’ve kind of neglected this for a while. But I’m back and plan to update, add to and do all sorts of stuff with my blog and dish out loads of free advice on all things wedding and marriage proposal related. have you any tips or advice you’d like to share?

RTE’s Failte Towers looking for someone to propose

July 2, 2008 by derryo

A new reality show called Failte Towers on RTE is starting in August. Basically 12 celebrities will run the hotel for 2 weeks without the help of any other staff. Debbie from Adare Productions, the company behind the project contacted me recently to know if I had knowledge of anyone planning to propose marriage in a unique way. So if you or anyone you know is planning to pop the question and would like to be involved in the show click here to find out more.

Wedding music for dancing to

April 10, 2008 by derryo

Yes It’s getting closer now to my big day and of course choosing a song for our first dance as a newly married couple is one of our current tasks. We don’t have any particular song that is ‘our song’ or that means anything ‘special’ to us. Sad I know but thats the way it is. While searching for various song ideas (it’s probably just another excuse to go surfing the net) I came across the website www.weddingwire.com which has a pretty good selection of tunes you can listen to. They are all divided up into various categories such as wedding first dance songs, bride entrance songs, last dance songs etc.

This next site I found was new to me although I am sure anyone who is into their music in a big way already knows about it (yes I’m a bit slow to have embraced the music download revolution). www.playlist.com allows you to create your own music playlist. I have embedded the playlist on www.willyoumarryme.ie click here to listen then you can kick back, relax and snuggle up to the love of your life and maybe get some inspiration for your first wedding dance song.

Wedding dance

March 22, 2008 by derryo

Theres a massive generational gap when it comes to dancing at weddings. Our parents and aunts and uncles etc. have all been brought up going to, well, ‘Dances’. Whereas us younger folk  shake our booty or whatever to the latest strains of pop music. When it then comes to dancing at weddings the non dancers can be seen either propping up the bar or out on the dancefloor jogging on the spot without moving their feet and arms all over the place.

 Dance classes are now wider available and becoming increasingly popular. In fact I even attended one myself. I would have thought of myself as being sort of able to waltz and jive at most of the weddings I’ve been to in Ireland. But in hindsight I was just shuffling around the floor trying not to step on toes. After a number of weeks under the tutelage of Bridget Harte www.shallwedance.ie I now realise how little I knew and how bad I was at dancing. Now I just have to try and practise what I learned!

I uploaded some dance lesson videos to www.willyoumarryme.ie today  for anyone who wants to learn in the privacy of their own home. Its really not that hard, there are a few basic steps which you repeat over and over and as you gain in confidence you can throw in a few other moves as well.

Marriage proposal by plane

March 11, 2008 by derryo

possibly a bit hard to organise in Ireland, with weather and all that, but would certainly give you something to talk about